Getting Started

Welcome to the Shardus Developer Docs!

Shardus is a JavaScript framework for building decentralized applications that scale. Learn more about Shardus on our homepage or by trying it out.

This page provides an overview of the available documentation:

Try Shardus

Whether you’re building a full-fledged decentralized application, or just want to get an idea of what’s possible with Shardus, the links in this section will help you get going.


Shardus has been designed from the ground up to make decentralized app development as painless as possible. The fastest way to see how Shardus does this, is to jump right in and try it with the five minute quickstart guide.

Application Templates

Another great way to start building applications with Shardus, is to use an existing application template. A list of application templates can be found on the Shardus Gitlab page here. To use these template, check out the Shardus CLI Tool.

Learn Shardus

The links in this section provide more detail on:

  • The Shardus SDK Tools for app development.
  • Core concepts for Shardus apps.
  • The Shardus app API

Main Concepts

SDK Reference