# Setup

Windows Users

We recommend that Windows users follow the instructions here before following these setup instructions.

# Pre-Install

  1. Make sure you have the following installed and configured (we recommend using nvm to manage your Node.js and npm versions)
  • Node.js (^12.18.3)
  • npm (^6.14.6)
  • Git

If you're using a different version of Node, like 14.17.5, use the following command to switch to 12.18.3 if you have nvm installed:

nvm use 12.18.3
  1. Install the node-gyp dependencies for your platform listed here.

This will typically involve installing Python on your machine and enabling certain developer tooling.

# Install

Install the Shardus package globally from NPM.

npm i -g shardus
# OR: yarn add global shardus


The shardus-cli-tool also has autocomplete available to those of you who are using zsh. In order to get the autocompletions working, just run:

# For zsh
source <(shardus completion zsh)

# or add it to your .zshrc to make it persist
echo "source <(shardus completion zsh)" >> ~/.zshrc \
&& source ~/.zshrc